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About Android Ringtones

Android ringtones are files with extension .mp3. Android use mp3 songs as ringtones. These tones are known as real tones, are type of ringtones that are high quality as CD music quality. These ringtones are snippets of an mp3 music file. Mp3 ringtones allows for the first time for mobile phones to produce real life sounds. The MP3 audio format was originally not developed for cell phones, and for use as ringtones. Nowadays all of cell phones support mp3 ringtones, so you can download from our free mp3 ringtones as it will be compatible with your phone. Mp3 ringtones are extremely popular. Download free mp3 ringtones, use your favorite music as ringtone. You just need and mp3 compatible cell phone.

You can download free Android ringtones to your Android phone on our site.

Some of big phone manufacturers which use Android OS are Google, Huawei, Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, Lenovo, Xiaomi, Honor, Alcatel, Blackberry.

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