About Ringtones

Everything you need to know about ringtones

There are many types and formats of ringtones. Today the most popular are mp3 and m4r ringtones. Mp3 ringtones are used by Android smartphones, m4r files are used by iPhones. To convert mp3 to m4r ringtone it is easy and we will show you how can you do this step by step. Learn how to convert mp3 to iPhone ringtone.

Before these mentioned types of ringtones, there were many types of tones. Let's see the main formats of ringtones. As it has been mentioned Mp3 tones are one of the most used and popular melodies for Android smartphones. iPhones uses m4r format.

One of the oldest type of melodies was RTTL ringtones. These ringbacks has also known as Ring Tone Text Transfer Language or keypress tones. More about RTTL you can learn on our page dedicated to RTTL tones.

The AAC format: Some phones like the Sony Ericsson W810i support ringtones in .m4a AAC format. The iPhone supports ring tones in ".m4r" AAC format. The .m4r format is the same as .m4a format other than the possibility of including DRM style copy protection in an .m4r file.

Also there are many more other formats. Here are a list of ringback formats: AMR, FLAC, eMelody, iMelody, KWS, Midi, SMAF etc.